The Psalms articulate the entire gamut of Israel's speech to God, from profound praise to the utterance of unspeakable anger and doubt. In this literature the community of faith has heard and continues to hear the sovereign speech of God, who meets the community in its depth of need and in its heights of celebration - Walter Brueggemann

The Liturgy of the Hours is the traditional Christian and monastic way to sanctify time through prayer, day and night. The English Reformation of the 16th century exhorted all Christians to pray a simplified version of the elaborate monastic rituals that were in place in England until that time; in this way, the Liturgy of the Hours has never vanished from Anglicanism and the Episcopal Church, and has known a revival in the past decades. At Christ Church, we value the monastic tradition. Although our services are not long or complicated, we sing the psalms in plain chant.

Praying with the Psalms and listening to a passage from Holy Scripture in a calm and contemplative setting is a wonderful way to begin or end the day. It reconnects us to what is truly of value in our lives.


the prayer of Lauds morphs into CONTEMPLATIVE SHARING

On weekdays at Lauds, we celebrate the lives of the saints, according to the calendar of the Episcopal Church. A short homily connecting the life of the saint of the day to the biblical readings is offered.

"The great saints kept the fire of ecstasy alive and understood our capacity to praise God in creation as a form of participation in life's ecstasy" - Dorothee Soelle

All are welcome; it is recommended to enter the room at least 5 minutes in advance and sit quietly.


Mass (i.e. Holy Eucharist) is celebrated every Sunday at 10:00am as well as on Wednesday [Sept.-June] at 5:30pm.

Lauds, i.e. morning prayer, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:15 am (preceded by 15 minutes of meditative silence); healing prayers and anointing are available at the end of each service upon request. Each Lauds service ends at 8:45am.

Vespers, i.e., evening prayer, Wednesday [Sept.-June] at 5:30 pm (together with Mass).

Compline, i.e., night prayer, Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

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