Joining the Parish

We at Christ Church have long established the policy of not keeping the gate closed; by this we mean that we are interested in welcoming people who are looking for a Christian community that responds to their spiritual needs. Anyone baptized as a Christian, who intentionally joins the Divine Liturgy and receives the Holy Communion, we count as a member of the parish who is invited to join in the full scope of the life of the parish. This also means that we make no difference between confirmed Episcopalians and others in rights and responsibilities, including volunteering and pledging.

Despite such open policy, we remain an Episcopal parish whose life is regulated by the Anglican ethos as well as by the tradition and the canons of the Episcopal Church. Those who are interested in becoming Episcopalians are invited to attend an Inquirers Class to determine if this is an identity that corresponds to their understanding and practice of the faith.

During the Annual Visitation by the Bishop, those who so desire are officially "received" in the Episcopal Church. In case they have not received Confirmation, the Bishop imposes his/her hands on them and anoints them; in the other cases (mostly for those coming from the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox churches) the Bishop welcomes them with an official formula which is not a sacrament and does not include anointing.

A franciscan saint looking over the courtyard
Entrance to the parish courtyard and church
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