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Priest's Letter - NOVEMBER 2019

Dear friends,

first and foremost, let us congratulate each other for the success of the pledge drive for 2020. Details are found below in a report by Jeff Paulus but let me just say that you made your commitment to the parish really clear. This success will also play a part in the Vestry's deliberations about my position, in communication with the Bishop Diocesan. But, aside from me, the next step after the pledge drive needs to be a membership drive. A success of the latter is just as necessary as a success of the first, to allow for continuity of this parish beyond the three years that now we seem to have achieved (all things staying the same, both expenses and income, including the fulfillment of pledges and the same level of pledges for 2021 and 2022). And we need to start now. To this aim, I am calling for a meeting of all parishioners to talk about the multiple ways in which each of us can collaborate in attracting visitors to the parish. Please stay after hospitality on

Sunday, December 1


A number of ideas have been tossed around for quite a while. It is high time to take the bull by its horns. We need to learn how to steer all our activities in the next year toward a more effective way of inviting people in, as well as devise some new actions that are simple enough yet effective. Together, we have the possibility of achieving difficult goals, as demonstrated by the success of the pledge drive.

Some other updates in short:

- the brochure for funerals (for non-parishioners) is ready to be distributed;

- the material "Adopt a Tree" to finance the Garden Project is also finally ready to be sent (to people loosely affiliated to the parish, but of course parishioners are welcome to contribute as well);

- the Garden project is moving along and we will see physical changes by the end of the year;

- a new Pastoral Care committee has been formed under the guidance of our intern, Jonathan (look below for more);

- the Buildings and Grounds committee is being reshuffled with the addition of Deb Donahue and James Bezhold;

- the dates for retreats at The Center for Spirituality have been changed, due to my illness (see below).

None of this would be possible without your contribution, work, and appreciation. On the Eve of the great feasts of All Saints and All Souls, which is also the 4th anniversary of my ordination as a deacon, I ponder about all the efforts that former generations have made, and how they have bequeathed to us a way of being church, i.e. the Anglican way of being Christians, that far from claiming perfection, still presents to the world the values of inclusion, compassion, and human growth as rooted in the Gospel of Christ.


Fr. Gianluigi

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