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Priest's Letter - February 2020

Dear friends,

I cannot express warmly enough my gratitude for the decision taken by the Vestry to elect me as your rector. I hope that this step that we are taking together will bring about an increased sense of stability and will positively reflect on my ministry. Being a rector means being enabled to plan long-term, which is especially necessary with the growing of the Center for Spirituality. My duties will not change, but it might be useful for all of us to refresh what my duties actually entail, so we are publishing them (see below under the Vestry Page).

At the Annual Meeting, three new members of the Vestry were elected. They are: Deb Donohue, Eric Sanders, and Mary Wise. Immediately after the election, I chose Don Sevier as Senior Warden for the year 2020. It is a tradition of Christ Church that Senior Wardens succeed each other every year, although not an actual rule. My best wishes to Don, the new members, and the continuing Vestry members for a collaborative time together!

I have repeatedly said that at this point we are engaged as a parish in the next phase of our growth toward stability, consisting of inviting our friends to experience worship with us, or to other educational or social events. Some of you are working remarkably well at that. Please consider inviting your friends to our Fundraising Winter Dinner ($40) on February 15, where I will be again the head cook like last year and I will present new Piedmontese recipes.

I would like to bring your attention to a new program of the Center for Spirituality that will be presented every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm in the month of February and hopefully will continue into the spring. It is a simple introductory class to the experience of meditation, led by Ashanti Smalls. "Meditation" is a word that entered American culture some decades ago, mostly through the expansion of Zen Buddhism. Ironically, in the Christian tradition a very similar experience has been called "contemplative prayer" while the word "meditation" has been traditionally employed for poetic verbal expressions. Ashanti has acquired experience in the Zen tradition, and is now ready to offer simple teachings that can benefit all. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. I am convinced that, given the present state of turmoil in this country and with all the worries that we are carrying daily, this offer should be taken in consideration by all of us. Come and see!

I am also very pleased about the high level of participation to the Sunday Forums most recently held on the topic of liturgy. While what we do at Christ Church might seem esoteric and disconnected from the urgent calls of our time, I am convinced that, in reality, we are trying to delve deep in order to be more ready, less reactive and more resistant. In a word, we are learning to become more compassionate so that we might confront better the difficult passages of our life, individually and communally.


Fr. Gianluigi

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