Retreat Space

Need time to meditate on your spiritual journey with a small group?

Book a personal silent retreat on our campus!

Contact our Office at (909) 983-1809

The Spirit liberates us to become fully human in our own time and place, to wrestle with the complexities of existence and the presence of evil and sin (...) This experience of the Spirit springs from one single reality: God and creation united. It is experience of God acting on us and on the world at the same time, relating us to the world and the world to us within our own ecosystems. There is no separation between action and prayer, ecological practice and celebration - Anne Primavesi

" We need to awaken the energies of love... While making use of all the resources and the knowledge and wisdom available to us, we have to push the boundaries of our understanding of love, find love in a new land, on new roads still to be mapped out and established... All our assumptions need to be examined and assessed anew. In Thomas Berry's words, we are called to a 'great work' in the world and in ourselves" - Ursula King

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