Pascete eos et venient - Feed them and they'll come - 21st-century priest


Eating good food together is a main staple of communal life at Christ Church.

Every Sunday after Mass, around 11:15 am, a team of volunteers offers several dishes to sample. We call this "hospitality" and we consider it an extension of the Eucharistic hospitality: as God in Christ has welcomes us to his table, so we welcome each other to share our food and our creativity in preparing it. You will not find just "church coffee" at Christ Church!

Every Wednesday after Mass, around 12 noon, the volunteers of Food Pantry offer a simple luncheon. All are welcome at the table. The people who are coming for groceries are finding the graciousness of our Lord at His table , and we, his disciples, are becoming known for our love for each other and for others. People are coming and staying. Isn't this the best? So come to the table, one and all. Come and meet our expanding family. The conversation is great too.

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