Sunday Forums

Every Sunday 9:00am -10:00am parishioners and friends of the parish are invited to engage in a lively discussion of theological and other contemporary topics. The wealth of intellectual resources within the parish, the engagement of many parishioners in service to humanity, and the net of friendships that the parish has developed over the years allow for very informative talks and some deep discussions, in spite of the short time allotted.

Come to our library every Sunday at 9:00am and be surprised (or check the calendar below!)



SUNDAY 9:00 am to 10:00 am


a comprehensive view of what we “do” at church

Have you ever asked yourself “What does that mean?” during the Mass or have you found yourself especially inspired by a certain portion of it? Come to the FORUMS on Sundays in January and February 2020! We will discuss each part of the Mass and discover its significance, its history, and its spirituality.

12 January The ancient roots of our liturgy: the meaning of baptism in imperial Rome.

19 January Sacred space and sacred action: the entrance rite and the music.

25 January Sacred words and sacred teachings: hearing the Bible at mass.

2 February Giving and receiving: the offertory and the body in the liturgy.

9 February Memorial and sacrifice: the sacred meal of Christians.

16 February Praying at mass: thanksgivings and petitions in a sacramental context.

23 February The liturgy of the heart: how to live Baptism and Eucharist


God speaks through real people

Our Lenten 2020 series will be centered on encountering the experience of people who might often cross our path, but we don't talk to them in depth. Each meeting will include objective data on social realities and a talk/interview with individuals who belong to specific groups. We think this is especially appropriate for Lent as a time of sacred listening.

March 1 Living in the Streets

March 8 Becoming an Immigrant, with Lucrecia Montes

March 15 Interfaith Navigation in Divisive Times, with Stephanie Varnon-Hughes

March 22 Trusting while Black, with Ashanti Smalls

March 29 Interspiritual transformation, with Ernie Tamminga


April 5 Jesus as the Other, with Gianluigi Gugliermetto