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Ontario, California

2019 - 2021


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Encountering Otherness

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A ministry for all bereaved families

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Encountering Problematic Archetypes in Dreams

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Organ Concert

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Stay connected during the pandemic!

SUNDAY 10am Reflections on the Gospel of the day

Monday through Friday 4pm chat with parishioners


and regular activities open to all

As a precautionary measure to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID19

activities are suspended as detailed in the following letter:

Dear friends,

After the new executive order by Gov. Newsom, and in consultation with Bishop Taylor, I have decided that all Sunday activities, including Sunday services, and all weekly activities EXCEPT LAUDS, will be discontinued at Christ Church for the time being, with the hope to start again in April. There is no way that we are able to respect the six-feet distance between each person that is required by health authorities, given our worship space, on a Sunday.

On Sundays, those who are able are invited to join in an online meditation and conversation on the readings of the day at 10am from their home computer or tablet. Instructions will be sent in a separate email.

Monday through Thursday, the prayer of Lauds (aka Morning Prayer) will be regularly chanted in the church at 8:15am, and could accommodate a max of 12 people. This is made possible by the fact that with such a small number we are able to keep the social distance required. Participants will enter through the small parking lot door and will not come in contact with any door handles. I have decided not to offer this option on a Sunday because it would mean excluding most of you. However, it can be a valid alternative for corporate prayer in the same physical space for some of you during the week. If you would like to come, please text me (909 288 3913) the day prior to so that I can get a head count.

The office will be open during our regular hours, Monday through Thursday 9a-12p, but it is suggested that you call before coming in.

As for the Pantry on Wednesdays, I will be in contact with the volunteers and we will make a decision together, which will have to respect the parameters. As there will be at least some economic disruption, it is possible that our "clients" need us more than ever, yet at the same time we need to protect all.

Don Sevier and Tamara Lindvall are preparing a "phone tree" to which you will be asked to participate. This will be a way to remain in contact and for me to know how each of you is doing. I will also place personal phone calls regularly.

Having followed closely the events in Italy, I can assure you that the only way in which this virus is comparable to the flu is its way of spreading. Its virulence and mortality rate are much higher.

Isolation has been shown to be the effective, other measures not so much. In China and S. Korea, individual isolation measures (away from one’s home) have been demonstrated to curtail the rate of transmission, and in those Italian cities at the epicenter of the contagion, where a total lockdown was enacted three weeks ago, no new cases have emerged within the past two days.

I suggest all those who are over 65 and/or have respiratory problems or any other chronic condition find ways to stay in their home as much as possible in the next few weeks, and limit physical contact with people from outside of your household and regular acquaintances. Walking in the neighborhood alone or in couples might be good.

Those of us who must leave the house for work or any other reason need to follow the rules scrupulously: social distance (in shops etc.), washing hands, and not touching one's face.

Fear does not help our immune system and isolation, unfortunately, can beget mental anguish. We need to combat such risks with every measure we possess, and we will weather this storm responsibly together.

What are some ways to remain in contact and physically active for those of us who are retired, especially singles? We might use our FB group more. Perhaps a call to catch up with those friends whom you rarely see is in order? Please share other ideas. After a few weeks, we will reevaluate the situation. Don't hesitate to write or call me 909 288 3913

Let us convert this pressing need for physical distance into an opportunity to explore other means of sustaining and encouraging our connections.


Fr. Gianluigi

CHRIST CHURCH PARISH - 1127N San Antonio Avenue, Ontario, California, 91762

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Sunday Forum
Easter celebration and view of the bell tower from the courtyard


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