Preaching is not something an ordained minister does for fifteen minutes on Sundays, but what the whole congregation does all week long; it is a way of approaching the world, and of gleaning God’s presence there - Barbara Brown Taylor

In the homily following the proclamation of the biblical readings on Sundays the preacher (usually, but not always, a priest) offers a brief spiritual commentary on the readings themselves. Here you can find some of the texts that the Rev. Dr. Gianluigi Gugliermetto, priest-in-charge of Christ Church at the present time, has prepared for delivery in the last few weeks. These homilies should be enjoyed after a careful reading of the corresponding biblical texts that are noted at the beginning of the homily and, in most cases except special holy days, can be found here.

The Shalom of the Holy; the disclosure of the gracious Shekinah - Divine Wisom; the empowering Matrix; She, in whom we live and move and have our being - She comes; She is here - Rosemary Ruether

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