Fireside Chats

We Are All Seekers

Whether I am a church-goer, an atheist, a spiritual person, an agnostic, a believer, a pantheist, or whatever, I am a seeker.

We think that in the present context marked by the manipulation of beliefs and increased frustration with religion, coming together to speak and listen openheartedly may prove meaningful and enlightening. Please come with your questions and musings for deep reflection and discussion.

JAN 8th 7:00 pm Why bother with belief?

Is God-Talk relevant for you? Does it make sense to believe today?

JAN 15th 7:00 pm Which paths (spiritual / religious) have you taken in life?

How can we learn from each other’s path?

JAN 22nd 7:00 pm Why Jesus?

Has Christianity exhausted its historical mission? Do Christians benefit from the influence and/or experience of other paths?

JAN 29th 7:00 pm Experience or Doctrine?

Can religious institutions support the individual’s spiritual experience?

Are you a seeker? You are welcome to drop in on Wednesdays in January 2020!

Conversation moderated by Gianluigi Gugliermetto, PhD, Director of the Center for Spirituality, who is an Episcopal priest and theologian. He has published in English and Italian on interreligious dialogue, American theology, systematic and queer theology. Main research interests include desire in Christianity and Buddhism, men's studies in theology, liturgy and space, ecotheology, psychology and religion.

Holmes Arterburn Library

Center for Spirituality @ Christ Church Parish

1127 N San Antonio Avenue

Ontario, CA 91762

This program is free and no enrollment is required.