Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is an ancient form of accompaniment of individuals along the tracks and the trails of life. Also called, traditionally, "spiritual direction", it is available at the Center for Spirituality at Christ Church, Ontario.

Spiritual Counseling is a sacred bond between two people, and needs to be established carefully. It is an intentional and deliberate deep encounter. The person who asks for the meeting desires to be helped to investigate certain aspects of his/her soul experience; the "spiritual director" agrees to help through deep listening. This has nothing to do with the so-called "Bible-based counseling" which treats the Bible as a book of moral rules and tends to impose behaviors on those who access counseling. On the contrary, what we practice is an exercise of quiet and deep listening through which the person reaches clarification with regard to his/her spiritual life. Professional psychological counseling may or may not be pursued alongside, as appropriate.

Often the "directee" gives back in the form of a monetary offering; the amount however is established on an individual basis. Other forms of recognition of the service received might be also found, such as volunteer work for the Center for Spirituality.

You can contact with Fr. Gianluigi for a first meeting, in which you will find out how spiritual counseling works. He will be able to refer you to trained and experienced spiritual counselors. Write to Fr. Gianluigi: priest.christchurchont@gmail.com