Retreat January 2019


1127N. San Antonio Avenue, Ontario CA

The Flow of Love: Finding Our True Ground

led by Jana Milhon-Martin

Why is so difficult for us to love? The simple answer is: our own woundedness.

But so often our woundedness manifests itself outside of our own awareness,

beyond our rational or conscious thinking, leaving us cut-off from others.

In this retreat we will endeavor to explore the grammar of the dynamics of love as it actually is,

not just as we would like it to be.

We will endeavor to open up to the work of the Holy Spirit on our souls, moving toward a greater wholeness.

Jana Milhon-Martin, M. Div. is an Episcopal Priest and Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor.



Friday, January 18 5pm-9pm

Saturday, January 19 8am-3pm

Sunday, January 20 8am-12pm

*Participation to the whole program is assumed;

exceptions can be made if the participant is able to be present from 7pm to 9pm on Friday and all day Saturday

Prior enrollment in necessary. Please write to Fr. Gianluigi:

Donations: $40 parishioners; $80 non-parishioners. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, but please talk to Fr. Gianluigi about it. The retreat includes Friday supper (soup and bread), and a light lunch both Saturday and Sunday.

(The parish at present does not have facilities to accommodate guests overnight).