During the second half of 2018, the parish has embarked in a journey of reflection on its future. The following vision (see below) has been the fruit of much work by many people. It has been discussed by the Vestry, presented to all parishioners, and praised by Bishop John Taylor.

At present, we are implementing the facility rentals and we are actively brainstorming on how to grow the Garden, our Outreach, and the Center. It has become clear that a capital campaign is needed, which we hope to conduct together with the Diocese of Los Angeles. Now, in the first half of 2019, we are working on specific grants for each of the portions of this plan


Financial rationale: our projected deficit

Spiritual rationale: clarifying the mission of the parish and expanding its ministry



▪ Prayer/liturgy are at the core of all that happens, both on Sunday morning and with expansion to each day of the week;

▪ The whole campus is permeated by a spirit of welcoming, simplicity, and prayer;

▪ The campus is open as many hours as possible for visitors and participants in the various activities; parishioners are staffing the opening hours and they welcome our guests;

▪ A book and gift shop is open during the day, each day of the week, as well as the library.

· FACILITY RENTALS for weddings and other events are developed as a source of income as well as a ministry of hospitality.

· An ORGANIC GARDEN for vegetables, flowers, and a meditation path is developed in the area behind the West Wing at low cost for the parish through a partnership with Huerta del Valle – community garden, Ontario:

▪ the garden provides (through share-cropping) fresh vegetables for our outreach to the poor and for sale at our own Farmers Market on Sundays at noon;

▪ the garden provides a space for contemplation and human connection for parishioners and neighbours, as well as for the guests of the Center (see below).

· Our OUTREACH TO THE POOR is developed and integrated into our overall ministry of hospitality; parishioners participate in it regularly as a spiritual practice.

· We shall establish a CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL RENEWAL:

▪ classes, retreats, and workshop will be offered and widely advertised;

▪ the connection between theology and spirituality (intellect and heart) is at the core of all the programs;

▪ in two/three years, the Center will become a major feature of the parish and will attract people from beyond the neighbourhood;

▪ programs will be in English and Spanish;

▪ the Center will be under the supervision of the parish priest but it will develop its own board of directors and paid staff eventually;

▪ the Center will increasingly provide income to the parish, either in the form of rent or as a contribution to the priest's salary.


Each portion of this plan will benefit by the growing of the other portions, yet each portion is independent and can be developed on its own. For example: the vegetable garden and the farmers market will attract people to the campus and eventually to the prayers of the parish or the activities of the Center; however, the success of the garden is not dependent on the success of the Center and vice versa.

· The rental service will be fully operative in January 2019, with first income expected by mid-2019;

· The vegetable garden will be fully operative in May 2019;

· Small grants are already being explored, with the expectation of first results in the course of 2019; larger grants will be engaged in the course of 2019;

· The “Center” will be included in a Diocesan “feasibility study” for a major grant to provide funds for the building of guestrooms or other construction as needed; the Center will be sponsored and advertised by the Diocese while the parish will retain ownership;

· The programs of the Center are already being devised and tried, with the aim at full-fledged operations in 2021;

· The Center needs to hire a student-intern for marketing purposes;

  • Major electrical works and some other repairs that are required for making the facility rentable, as well as the cleaning and refurbishing of the north-wing rooms will be undertaken in 2019; no major construction will be undertaken until a grant is received for it.

All the members of the parish are invited to reflect on this proposal, to ask questions of the task force and the Vestry, to propose alternatives, and to prayerfully consider their level of involvement in the future of Christ Church.