Bible Class

Since the Bible comes to us cloaked in the idioms, mores, and cultural givens of the five cultural eras through which it passed to get here, we must be careful not to generalize or absolutize any of them by try to discern, in and through all that, the mode or modes by which our ancestors in the faith affirmed God's oneness, or integrity, in their day - then take that as inspiration and energy for going and doing likewise in our day - James A. Sanders

Christ Church Parish offers a Bible Class every Wednesday (September through June) from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Usually it is preceded by Vespers and a Potluck at 5:30pm. Some people join the group only for the Bible Class, which consists of a solid hour of study of the text, led by a biblical scholar. In this class we make a double effort:

1. we learn the historical context of the biblical text, its literary forms, and what exegetes say about the text in question; 2. we apply the text to our personal and social situations.

Spiritual discoveries are made by all participants. The Bible becomes a mine of treasures of wisdom for all, including those who think they already "know their Bible", in fulfilment of this saying from the 6th-century:

Scriptura crescit cum legente - Scripture grows with the one who reads it - St. Gregory the Great

At the end of the class, participants are invited to enjoy a short contemplative service ("Compline").

What participants say about our Bible Class:

The Scriptural Study class has introduced me to a deeper methodical approach in studying the context of the books of the Bible. Understanding the period of history into which Christ became flesh, and the theological life of the Hebrew people, actualizes for me the radical and controversial sayings of Jesus in relation to not only that period of history, but also to my own life and the political environment of my world. Father Gianluigi and Jim Dunkly not only facilitate the course in a lecture/dialog approach, but invite active thought, insight and participation by the class members, which creates a real atmosphere of “hands on” learning. The class has taken me from a horizontal to a vertical level of learning and has sparked new thought and insight in my spiritual journey - d. sevier

In September 2018, we started reading together the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, in keeping with the topic "The Nature of the Church" which has been announced for the year 2018-2019 as one of three focuses for Christian formation.

The class is led by professor Jim Dunkly, Ph.D. in New Testament. It is possible to start attending the class at any moment in time.



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