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Parish Life

As is the case with every parish, Christ Church Parish is graced by the devotion and hard work of a number of volunteers, who do all of the "little things" upon which all of our efforts depend. Some know about wiring, others about plumbing. Some answer telephones or make good things come out of the kitchen; others run errands, and polish silver, or climb on the roof; and still others organize parties, or just organize things-in-general, and can find a goat when one is needed. Some even make things blow up in the middle of the night. And then there are the folks who can sit and chat by the hour, when that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Christ Church is also fortunate to have several priests, either worker-priests or retired, who contribute generously of their time and skills, giving the Parish a rich variety of pastoral and liturgical resources.

It all comes down to one pretty simple thing in the Parish, as in the whole Church: It is people who make up the Body of Christ, people who carry the "Mystery of Faith" around through their daily lives, people who are living Sacraments of Christ in his world.