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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares all the necessary elements for the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical services. Members work in teams to lay out vestments, clean and set up vessels, and insure that linens, candles, incense and other necessary elements are all in place for each service.

Ministerial Teams

Ministerial Teams assist the Rector at High Masses. The ministerial roles consist of Deacon, Subdeacon, Thurifer, Server, Crucifer, Torches, and Boat bearer. These teams serve on a rotating monthly basis during the liturgical year.


Hospitality is a cornerstone of our life at Christ Church. A complete luncheon is provided every Sunday after the 10 am service as an opportunity for parishioners to catch up on the week's activities and as a means to welcome visitors who might be attending services. The luncheon is prepared and served by teams of parishioners on a rotating basis.

The Hospitality Committee also coordinates refreshments for such events as weddings and funerals. Parish dinners are held several times a year to celebrate certain liturgical events.


Christ Church supports several outreach projects, the largest being the Food Pantry which provides food baskets to local individuals and families. It is supported through direct donations of food and money as well as through the donation of recyclable cans and bottles. The Pantry is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am.

Another major project supports the Chowchilla Women's Prison through the collection of toiletry and stationery items used in goodie bags for the residents at Christmas. Last year, parishioners donated over 4,000 items to this wonderful project.

Christ Church also supports SOVA, Mercy House and the Anglican Order of St. Francis.


Music at Christ Church is coordinated and led by the Organist and Cantrice in consultation with the Rector. While there is no standing choir, choral ensembles are convened for festal services.