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Anglo-Catholic describes the full commitment of the Parish to the historic Faith of Christians, to catholic forms of Worship, and to a deep sense of responsibility to the community in which we are placed. We treasure our connections with the Christian past as we attempt to live faithfully and responsibly in the present.

We believe in a Faith that is inspired by the Holy Scriptures, shaped by the teaching of the Church through more than twenty centuries, and informed by the work of the Holy Spirit of God in every Christian person's conscience and intellect. We believe that the Church of God must always be as ready to challenge as to comfort because we are committed to the Christian Life as a lifelong process of growth towards a deeper knowledge, love, and service of God and of our neighbor.

We believe that every Christian has been called by God to apply the teachings of the Faith to the world and society in which we live. Concern for the poor and advocacy for those who are the victims of injustice are integral to our proclamation of God's concrete, reconciling, and unqualified love for the world. Because we believe that "the Word was made flesh," we believe that social action is a basic expression of authentic Christian love for God.